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Memory Lane [28 Feb 2008|12:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I was just reading old posts starting from August 2003 (when I started this I guess).
I was partially inspired by Pat because last night we were going through of all his old ones - which by the way are WAY better than all of mine combined. He seriously should release a book with all his entries. I'd buy it. Wish I knew him when he'd go on all night excursions - now I can't even get him out on a friday night if it's snowing.

Anywho after reading all of his I turned on my own journal. Man I was fun back then. Some things that stick out are as follows:

1. I had a crush on the Snapple guy from work! Totally forgot about him.
2. I went to ALOT of shows and was really obnoxious about it.
3. Erik aka G-Erik lit our dorm room door on fire on my 21st birthday. I also didn't get carded on my 21st birthday. Psh.
4. I miss when Tim, Lauren and I would go into the city. I'm currently making a list of places I need to go when I go to New York in the Spring. Number 1 will by my Starbucks for people watching.
5. I really sucked at school. I hated EVERYTHING.
6. I apparently liked Gin?
7. I ate alot of sushi - from the stud. Weird.

Lots more things but those were the best.

I suck so horribly now.

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Your a bitch I'm a 10 [30 Oct 2007|03:24pm]
Quick update on my exciting (but not so much) life.

My birthday was awesome. I got tickets to Motion City Soundtrack woo woo, new Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy, Nip/Tuck season 4, Ugly Betty season 1, some silly High School Musical stuff and possibly the best gift $75 Coach Gift Card. However I am saving it because my mom said she'd get me another for Christmas so I could add to it and get a real nice Coach bag. After the last few months I'll fucking deserve it.

Went to Salem two days after my birthday and it was awesome. Possibly what a textbook fall day should be forever. Ate at the Salem beer Works outside and had a grand time. Did a witch tour (which was lame but essential) and instead of going to a haunted house we took over this kind of fancy-ish bar and screamed for the red sox!

PS Red Sox World Series Champs again!?!!?!? WTF!! Yeah it's not as exciting as 3 years ago (which is odd cause I wasn't even in Boston) but amazing regardless. Once we were on a roll we were unstoppable. Hope the parade is Thursday and NOT tomorrow.

I ended up being White trash for halloween and not paris Hilton a la jail. I had such a hankering to wear teal eyeshadow, ugly fake nails (that lasted 2 minutes total) and fake tattoos. I think i did look quite trashy and the ironic part was people kept telling me how good I looked with makeup on. Rando. Pat was Garth and Robyn was a scary ish vampire - she wore fangs and everything. She didn't drink anything and I couldn't really hear what she was saying when she talked but i guess it worked anyways.

Speaking of Vampires I saw "30 Days of Night" yesterday. It was actually quite excellent but made my stomach do flips. I can usually handle grossness but this was just yucky. Good movie overall though. I think I might like Josh Hartnett again.

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure before I leave.

Yeah I totally got the High School Musical game for my birthday. I'm sure this was the only time it will be played.

My martini out for my birthday. Caramel apple martini. Had little sliver of a caramel apple on the slide. I had to take a picture of it before I ate it!

Hillary really did get me this. It's not your imagination. She knows I love the Zefron.

Biggest and best Mojito for reals at said Bar we took over.

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blogger [09 Aug 2007|01:01pm]
Sorry I'm cheating on you guys


Hit me up.
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i want.. [23 Aug 2006|12:51pm]


Ok I really want this bag!
Really bad!!

Coach Outlet anyone?
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is it stupid.. [20 Apr 2006|10:13am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

to get involved with American Idol.


Ok SO shocked that Ace went home last night. Not because I like him because I don't - i thought he was just alright and extremely overrated just because he was "hot". But really Kellie should have went! And she was even in the SAFE group?!

At least this disproved my theory of people voting for a specific person because they're cute.
Kellie really needs to go next.
Then I don't know.

All I do know is that I want Katharine and Taylor to be the last two standing.

In other trashy news.
I just read the Rolling Stone article with Nick Lachey.
As much as I want to make fun of RS for picking up such a tabloid topic I got to give them props. Really good article.
I like Nick.
I also like his PR people.
They are very smart.
Everyone should hire them

Team Lachey 2006.

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she wants revenge [27 Mar 2006|11:27am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So I'm totally seeing SHE WANTS REVENGE again at Avalon next Monday (4/3).
Just found out Nightmare of You is opening.

You should go too.

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hanging on a cigarette [15 Nov 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I should be a psychic.
Rent me out for your parties.


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happy day after birthday to meeee [19 Oct 2005|01:31pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Um so I went home to braintree for the weekend and it was amazing.

I realized how truly amazing my friends are - I told them I was coming home 11pm wednesday and they totally managed to throw a sweet party on friday.

Yes my party was wierdly Harry Potter/Halloween themed but I guess thats what was at the party stores.
Roger bought me a pretty sweet bike. It's a cruiser. PIctures to come.

It was awesome to spend time with my mom as well. Especially now that the cancer in her arm is gone. She's just so much happier and has a lightness to her voice. I got to see her foxy doctor as well.

Also got me a new cell phone. It's about time i know.

Also bought lots of CD's. Ok so I haven't bought a CD in like 3 months so heres the breakdown:
I AM THE AVALANCHE - fucking amazing. Mind-blowing. When lauren told me it was better than the movielife I was like ahhh blasphemy. But I gotta say it's pretty fuckin close.
ASHLEE SIMPSON - I AM ME (of course did you really think I wasn't going to buy it)

I save he is legend till the end because it is quite tragic why i bought it.
My iPod was brutally murdered by a bottle of propel at appr. 230 on monday.
Its dunzo if you will.
Which means no more he is legend cause I didn't make a backup of it (or anything else on my iPod for that matter).
Very sad but on my lunch break today I went to play with the new iPods. Pretty fucking cool I gotta say.

RIP iPod Oct 2004-Oct 2005

I really don't want to go to class tonight.
I'm serioulsy so tired right now and to think I'm probably not going to get back till 10 makes me sad.
Very sad.

Thanks to everyone for the bday wishes on myspace and facebook btw.
<3's for sure.
But Lauren beat you all :)


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hmm [12 Oct 2005|10:36am]
[ mood | anxious ]

First - whats with the rain!?
I feel like it's NEVER going to stop.
Seeing as it's what woke me up this morning by pretty much blowing my windows down.
The back of my car was in a 3 inch puddle no joke.

listening to the new strokes album (1-2-06) right now at work.
so good.
be jealous.

Why can't I lie.
So Amanda gave me an extra ticket to Beck friday night . I didn't go for a variety of reasons one mostly because I didn't want to go by myself but I knew Bailey was so I gave her my ticket.
I told her I was going to tell them I went anyways just to show I was appreciative ya know (which I was seriousllyyy).

come today Daves like so did you have fun friday night?!
I had a big great story planned - here's my answer.
"Nooo I ended up just going home." Then I added something about the rain.

So lame.

I just don't want them to think I wasn't appreciative of it and next time they're like no don't give it to her she won't go.

It's slow in the office today hence my long awaited update (i know you dream about it).
There's a new intern and shes ridiculously nice.
She was early, I was late so she got the good desk and the good comp. but I do get to hear some good tunes back here.

My birthday is in 6 days for anyone keeping count.
23 - wow.
Probably not doing anything special but feel free to send me some bday harrassments.
I feel the older I get the less exciting my birthdays get.



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pretty important [29 Sep 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

so a friend has just informed me that theres petioners in my town of braintree, mass. that are outside supermarkets saying that their petition is to get WINE to be sold in supermarkets (in massachusetts you can't buy beer/wine in markets cept for a FEW), but really when you sign you are most likely signing a petition to ban gay marriage.

So my friend ended up signing one and his name/number and address were put on an ANTI GAY MARRIAGE website.
Ironically he is gay and this is why I am so mad.

When him and another one of my friends confronted the petitioners about it they started getting nasty and they actually called him a "fuckin' homo" after laughing about the fact that my friend clearly "wasn't on the same side of the fence as them".

Here's the rest of the story from Alysse's journal (stareat_thesky)
click meCollapse )

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eh [29 Sep 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Sitting here in the Hammer lab, procratinating on a paper and im-ing KS from across the lab cause we got yelled at for talking, and I have decided to update.

I don't really like my internship.
I pray everyday that I go I will like it, but I always leave totally drained and bitter.
I mean it's alright like it could be ALOT worse.
I just feel like such a loser.
I feel like they don't even like me and they figure I'm just an intern so why do we have to talk to me.
I really wish I got an internship on the island right about now. It's so expensive to go in and out of the city and it takes so much of my time.

It's days like this I realllly miss working at Stunt.

Mom and Roger came up last weekend and brought us lots of stuff.
Among other things they brought a bed for me and it's so niceeee.
They also brought chairs, a table, the big TV, makeshift entertainment center, a grill and a bunch of randomness.
I took them down the boardwalk and around Long Beach and they really loved it.
and they LOVEEE the apt.

Classes are ALRIGHT. Ethnic and Minority relations bores me to tears. Social Inequality is only awesome cause Robby is in it too, Stress Management is awesome and PR Campaigns is a little monotonous.

Can't wait to be done with Hofstra.


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do ya wanna [13 Sep 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I got me an internship!
The guy I interviewed with was the shit.
He was like well you have the best resume and interview I've seen so if you want it it's yours.
I was floored.

I skipped a lil out of the office.


Check that shit out.
I start friday.

Super excited.

We had a super breakfast extravaganza last night.
We ran out of milk so Lauren rode her bike to the ghetto CTOWN and it was closed.
Doesn't matter though cause the pancakes killed.
Ask Dan or Tim.

Ummm gotta go meet Robby for class.


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eh [06 Sep 2005|03:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

back at Hofstra.
for my last semester. As a commuter.
So wierd.

Yeah I don't have internet at the apt (which rocks - not the internet part but the apt part).
So I'm using the very nice I might add computers at the journalism lab.

Figures the first semester I don't have a class in here they replace the computers.

Haven't gone to a class yet but I did get my car registered to park here which is a new implement.
Hung out with liz for a bit in her pimp single and harassed (in the best way possible) some of my professors.

Had a nice chat with Prof Murphy about jobs and internships and she told me she would definitly keep an eye out.

I have a appt with prof frisina tomorrow to figure the whole internship out.
Sucks being a commuter cause this now means i'll be spending my whole day here tomorrow.
Oh yeah and Prof Woodall isn't teaching the capstone class anymore which is the reason I took it and now some other lady is but Prof Murphy said I have nothing to worry about.

Our apt is awesome.
We got some major dudes on out block.
We can see the beach from our balcony.
We just need a couch.
Anyone want to donate lol.

Time for class.


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i'm a hustler [01 Aug 2005|12:03am]
Wow second update in day.
What a treat huh?

Ummm I'd like to express my deep love and sadness that Queer as Folk as we know it is ending NEXT SUNDAY.

Since I am fed up with the straight male I found comfort in my gay best friend tonight and we watched Queer As Folk. Just watching the preview for next week made me cry like crazy. I don't know what I'm gonna do not wondering what's going to happen next season.

Because there is no next season.

I had a little overdose of sugar tonight (slap me on the wrist) and I feel sick.

Time for Entourage.

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everyone learns faster on fire [24 Jun 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]

pain in my ass.

I'm such an ass.
Such an ass in fact that I missed over half of the Alkaline Trio show last night.
I heard about 8 songs.
I was just mad.

But really the show started at 7 (I thought 7:30), they had 2 opening acts (rufio and thieves like us) and Alk3 went on at 8:30. Does that math sound right?!

Fuck the techno music that forced the bands to get on earlier so they could open that whore house to the club kids at 10:30.

The part that made me really mad was that I had no one to blame it on - just me it was all my fault.
And Jeffs. lol.
But mostly mine.

I need shop therapy and my shopping partner isn't even home.

Um ok no more negative-ness.
What I saw of Alk3 was amazing.
So amazing. I just love them. They changed lots of the words to "This could be love" to fit boston, throwing Fenway Park (it was in arms length from the club) and Beantown into the song quite nicely.

They didn't play so much of Crimson (which I have come to love more and more) but lots from Goddammit.

Tomorrow is going to be like 100 degrees out.
I get out of work at noon if anyone wants to come over and pool it up.


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go man go - saturn here we come [11 Jun 2005|10:53pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Wow Head Automatica was amazing tonight.
It's their album but times 9898435982645 plus 98734923.
I don't even want to listen to the album now cause I will feel dissapointment.
I'm going to go out on a limb and call Daryl best front man - EVER.
His personality on stage is possessed like.
Seeing him in HA is SOOOO different - polar opposites if you will from glassJAw.
And if you didn't get to go I feel sorry for you cause you missed out BIG TIME.
I can't even put it into words. I just did. But not really.
If you can see them PLEASE DO!

I get there and I see that "IATA" is opening and we were so confused. All of the sudden they come out and they're like "hey we're I AM THE AVALANCHE" - woah. Freaked out. I almost dropped my drink.

They're eh.
I just kept daydreaming about the movielife but hey they're not so bad for being on Drive Thru.
All I kept thinking was a second rate version of the movielife.

Um i am a bit burned from being out in my pool today.
But it loooks hot :)

Oh saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night with Annie and Hillary.
So good.
Makes me wanna eat the screen because both Brad and Angelina looked so hot.


ps.thanks to annie for going with me tonight.
your so fantastic it kills me.

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dance dance pt 2 [19 May 2005|12:29am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I always have that song in my head while I'm updating.
I didn't get thr truth job but thanks to everyone that wished me luck.
Though I'm kind of excited because I get to home tomorrow as opposed to Saturday and STILL not even knowing if I made it.

I got an A in my creative writing class which makes me so excited!
Thanks Jason.
And a B+ in my Graphic Design class.


Going home tomorrow as said previously.
Mom said she would cook me whatever I want since everytime we talk I complain about food.

Today was my last day at Stunt and it was sad because I love that place so damn much.
I'm going to miss hearing Teeter burp and say "FUCK" but always follow it with an "I'm soo sorry".
I'm going to miss hearing Motion City Soundtrack over and over again.
I'm gonna miss sue reading raucous reviews of our bands that jerkos have written.
Love them.
But I'll be back.

Which reminds me I need to call that guy from Rogers and Cowan.
Can't wait to go home.


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we're the coolest kids.. [11 May 2005|11:28pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I'm updating. hmm.
Classes are over!
All I got left is 2 finals.
Criminomly (and a paper) final monday.
Tuesday got the W&D Soc final which is gonna be a whopper.
And Tuesday also presenting the website I made for Online Journalism.

Can't wait to go home but I may wait until Thursday morning because my roomie will be all lonely. And I don't to go home all that bad now that I think about it.

Had a meeting with Frisina today and it went really well.
We talked about my internship and she cleaned my resume up big time. She pretty much just made all the stuff I had sound really amazing.
Which they are.
She gave me a number of this guy who works at Rogers and Cowan (the biggest entertainment PR agency in the world. Yep). She said he likes to hire Hofstra kids especially ones she recommends.
So that gave me a big of a confidence boost.

Going to Stunt tomorrow for maybe possible the last time there. :(
But Liz may be carrying the torch next semester, which should be very cool cause I learned so much since being there.

After work I'm going with the roomie to DC to help her move some of her stuff back.
Fun times.


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such a procrastinator [07 May 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hmm yeah I should be doing massive amounts of work now but I'm taking a break.
I already cleaned.. and yes that's a good sign of my procrastination.

Work was so tiring yesterday.
I hoofed it to the Brooklyn Post Office appr. 1 mile from the office carrying a box of CD's to send to Billions. They were like are you sure you want to walk and I was like Of course! They were like it's right near FedEx - no so much.

It was a nice walk I suppose and I sooo need the exercise.
I am turning into such a lazy bum! But seriously as soon as I get home ( just over a week wow ) I am getting my ass back to the gym. The facilities here suck ridiculously.

But I just realized how much I am going to miss working at stunt.
They even gave me a shoutout on the new website which made me feel super special and sad (http://www.stuntcompany.com) Check the history section all the way down.
While your there play some tunes.

Met Lauren at Chickpea for yummy falafels after work and we were on a shopping mission.
I finally bought the infamous flats that I have been dying for ever since I saw them in the window that fine day.
Pictures will come soon.
I wanted to get a new LeSportsac bag but they were closed. gr.
I got a wicked cute skirt at American APparel and I love it so much that I want it in EVERY color.

AP this month is amazing.
SO even if you don't read it you should SOOOO pick it up.
First of all Agent M is on the cover! Along with Dexter Holland, Mike Herrera (grr) and Travis Barker. But hello AGent M!! Just my idol. Getting to share the cover with some lovely men.

Downgrade on Leslie Simon giving the new Fall Out Boy a 5!!??
So not that good.
I'd give a 2 = BUY BLANKS which is what I should have done but no I purchased it to support music.
So not that good.
Maybe I'll get into it more later but right now too much good music is taking over my life that there is just no room for FOB.

Speaking of amazing music. I can't stop listening to the new Motion City Soundtrack. I still have the advance cd that presents the whole album in 30 second intervals, but it's ok cause I don't feel the need to skip forward.

The Starting Line (which I am DEFINITLY buying) and Weezer (probably will wait on) come out this Tuesday 5/10. SO go buy them.

Um Alkaline Trio. May 24. Shit's shutting down. I have already heard it all but I am just that more excited for it cause It's AMAZING.

OO OO I just ordered the Skate and Surf 2004 DVD the other day and it finally shipped. Yahoo.

Ok I really gotta go do my work.


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zzzzzzzzz [02 May 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | there's no face for my mood ]

god I'm so tired I feel like I'm going to die.
need. sleep.

This weekend was a bit nutty.
Laurens bday party was a smash.
Hmm boxed wine and waldbaums cake.
Oh and nip/tuck.

Bamboozle was really fun!
Actually kinda glad I didn't go all three days because lord knows yesterday really knocked me out.

I wish I had lots and lots of time but heres a quickie.
Ley Royal Scam (http://www.purevolume.com/leyroyalscam) was great.
The Scatter the Ashes lead singer needs to stop trying to be Scott Weiland.
The security was so whack.
I stole a Alkaline Trio poster off a telephone pole.
Most unorganized show I've ever been to.
Max Bemis is my new best friend.
The TDF hoodie I want was sold out.
All American Rejects were unbelieveably bad.
Circa Survive turned me into a fan.
The food was yummy surprisingly.
Holy fucking UnderOath. Ironic that I used holy to describe them.
Alkaline Trio = amazing.
My Chemical Romance impressed the HELL outta me.
I was expecting to watch them for humor but wow. Such a great/together band.
Gerard is amazing front band and Frank is back on my list of boyfriends.

hmm I wore my HUGS NOT DRUGS shirt and a very attractive 17 year old (don't worry I'm already going to hell) tapped me on the shoulder and I was like um do I know you and he was like ::points to shirt and holds out arms::: I'm like Oh you want a hug?

I didn't buy any merch just a Bamboozle shirt cause I love my Skate and Surf one from last year soo much.
Traffic out of Asbury Park was close to a nightmare and apparently I don't know any rules of the road.
We got some BK and so did everyone else who attended the show cause we were in line for almost a half hour.

We got back and literally passed the fuck out.
Apparently something got in my eye yesterday cause when I woke up I had a swollen eyelid.
I apparently looked pretty rough in the morning at work so yeah it's 7:05 right now and way past my bedtime.

Only 2 more hours of this boring class.


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